Content Tips

Content tips:

  • Each statement (attention and benefits) should be able to stand alone or with other statements. They need to make sense in any particular order.
  • All statements should focus on the benefit your service or product provides customers and not about why your product is superior or the best in the marketplace.
  • All statements should be general and should not make statements directed at the contact like “your competitors” or what this will do for "you".  Statements should be about your clients not about the recipient of the email.
  • if you feel your product or service requires you attach a bunch of details, they should be created as bullets in the option detailed section and Click2Sell® will attach them at the bottom of the email
  • You can usually find good content on your marketing website and marketing materials.  Choose benefits NOT product or service details
  • Sentences should very short.  Write and remove words and phrases until you cannot remove anymore.
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