What is the Campaign email Schedule/Frequency?

The Campaign schedule varies based on time of day, day of week, holidays, etc.  Campaign emails typically go out Tuesday - Friday.  Click2Sell looks at the last email date of each individual contact to determine if it is eligible for a campaign email that day.  When you add a contact, the campaign starts off more aggressive, about twice a month.  As the campaign matures the frequency backs down to closer to every other month.
Continually adding contacts is very important.  You can click on Campaigns to see statistics on when your next campaign will run and which contacts will be included.  Additionally, you can click on Contacts and look at your contacts email position to see how many times a contact has been emailed.  
Click2Sell's campaign schedule has been optimized to solve the fine line between being a pest and professional persistent.  The schedule has been proven over 10 years of sending millions of emails each year.