Opening an Attachment

Click2Sell does not allow you to view attachments to protect you from malicious software and virus'. However,  If a contact sent you an attachment, you can access it by using “Forward” from the Response drop down.  We will send the entire email conversation plus any attachments to the business email address associated with your Click2Sell account.  Look for the blue paperclip next to the “Response” button as an indicator your contact has sent you an attachment.
We often see generic emails that say "Please See Attached and Confirm" with a generic attachment.  These are SPAM.  Your contact most likely has a virus and they have sent the message to everyone in their contacts.  Simply use OK I GOT IT to clear the message from your inbox and keep the contact in the current status.
Attachments may not be added to campaign emails but you can attach documents to an individual contact by using conversation on the Response drop down.