Red / No Match Emails

No Match emails are easy to spot because they are red in your inbox.  They mean that a contact replied to you and Click2Sell do not recognize the email address. 

Typically an email is unknown because the contact forwarded your email or replied from an alternate email address. It is very important that you handle the red emails properly to avoid sending unwanted campaign emails. You must match this email address to an existing contact or add a new contact before you can reply to the message. You have four options:

1. Remove: Select remove if there is no reason to match this message to a contact. This is typically used for system generated replies. Selecting remove will simply remove the email from your inbox.

2. Automatic match: If Click2Sell® finds an existing contact that seems to be an appropriate match, you will be given choices and can select if you agree with the suggested match.  We typically find a match about 80-90% of the time.

3. Search for an existing contact: Enter the contact’s first name, last name or company to return options for a potential match.

4. Add a new contact: This is typically used if a contact forwarded your email to another person and you need to add them to your contacts. Note, you will most likely want to disposition the contact who forwarded your email so you do not continue to send them campaign emails. You can do this by clicking on Contacts and search for the contact.

For additional details, please view the "No Match" Training Video.