Difference between Click2Sell, CRM and Email Marketing

Although Click2Sell contains some traditional email marketing and CRM functionality, our focus is on prospecting.  Many companies find that Click2Sell is all they need.  But, often companies use Click2Sell to bridge the gap between marketing and a prospect becoming a customer.

Click2Sell views ourselves as complementary to marketing platforms not competitive.  Often our clients use both.  But, for some of our "smaller" customers and definitely franchisees, they choose Click2Sell because we are focused on one thing-Sales.
Think of Click2Sell as a virtual inside sales rep.  Although we do create email templates and send emails like an email marketing company, we have two major differences.
1.  Our proprietary content and sending schedules.  For years we have studied what words and phrases trigger positive replies and which words and phrases trigger negative replies.  Our content does not have graphics or attachments.  They are relationship-based emails that are designed to look like a personal email from a sales rep and not a bulk marketing email.  We are fully automated.  Our users do not have to set up templates, worry about hitting a send button or launching a campaign.  It all happens for them.  We track every single contact individually and keep sending until we get a reply.  We know what time of day, day of the week, how long to wait between emails, what to do around holidays.  It is all built into the system eliminating "guessing" for our customers.  Additionally, our perfect recipe of being professionally persistent, and not a pest, gives our clients a high response rate and the best chance of getting an immediate or future sales opportunity.
2.  Click2Sell's Reply Actions-This is where the magic really happens.  Typically an email marketing platform has the replies coming right back to a user and now you are back to managing thousands of contacts individually with tasks or a CRM.  Click2Sell automates that too.  So, If a contact says no for now...That is a win.  Just use our Cycle reply action to automate a future touch base.  See the video below for a quick overview of our reply actions.
So, if the challenge is wanting more sales and boosting revenue, Click2Sell is the perfect fit.