Unsubscribe Link

Click2Sell supports an Unsubscribe Link.  This Feature must be turned on by selecting My Account, Unsubscribe-Turn On.  When this feature is on, all outgoing campaign emails will have the following language on the bottom of your emails:

"Click here to Unsubscribe but before you do, I am a "real" person just hoping to keep in touch. Simply reply and let me know you are not interested right now and I will check in a few times a year to see how things are going. If you prefer to Unsubscribe, just click the hyperlink."

Click2Sell emails are designed to look like they are coming from you personally and not a marketing or bulk email platform.  Our "Remove" reply action is designed to easily remove contacts who asked to be unsubscribed.  

Our Remove reply action is a recommended method of handling Unsubscribes.

The Unsubscribe feature can be turned off at any time by selecting My Account, Unsubscribe-Turn Off.