Pipeline and Products

Click2Sell can be used as a pipeline management tool too.  You can walk your opportunities through an up to 10 step process with up to 10 customizable products.
If you have a manager account, your manager will have to set your pipeline steps and products from their account.
To set products and pipeline steps, go to My Account, Features, and select Pipeline Feature or Products.
Once they are set, you can access the products and pipeline steps from Meeting Management.
To access Meeting Management, click on your opportunities sub inbox and then click on the meeting you want to manage, click Edit and you will see you can add a product or manage existing opportunities.
All of the details roll up to your weekly activity report which can be accessed anytime by clicking on My Account, Reports, Send Weekly Report now.  This will email you an Excel and PDF version of the report.
To learn more, view the training video below: