Adding Contacts

The single most important thing you can do to create success in Click2Sell is ADD CONTACTS!  Add a lot and add them often!
There are three ways to get contacts into Click2Sell:
1.  Add contacts one at a time-click on contacts, select Add Contact.  Fill out the contact information and click Add.  Be sure to pick the correct group.
2.  Upload a spreadsheet.  Make sure your Excel or .csv file is clean without formatting.  Check first names as they will be used in the email.  Remove any notes, initials, etc.  Your file MUST have a header row.  Upload the file.  Match your header row fields to the Click2Sell fields.  Make sure you select the correct group.
3. Purchase contacts from Click2Sell-Select Find Accurate Data to start the process.
Click2Sell automatically looks for duplicates and will not reload any duplicates.  You can update the contact data though if the new upload has better information.
See video for additional details:
Email is our only REQUIRED field but the more data you load the better for future communication with the contacts.