What is Click2Sell?

Simply, Click2Sell helps sales professionals sell more!
Prospecting is critical to any sales team.  Click2Sell was created by sales professionals for sales professionals to automate prospecting and generate measurable sales activity without losing focus on the most important part- the relationship!  Our easy to use, automated tool sends emails designed to look like personal emails coming directly from the sales rep.
We are not a CRM or marketing platform. We are a simple prospecting process that drives sales conversations and automates future tasks and follow-up communication.
Sales professionals love us because they finally have a solution to find contacts, automate cold emailing, and set meetings while they focus on closing business. Sales managers and business owners choose Click2Sell to get invaluable sales metrics they have never had before. Virtually every industry can use Click2Sell to create new selling relationships and nurture existing ones.
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