My emails are flagged as Spam

Click2Sell successfully routes millions of emails to inboxes and our emails are generally rated as low or no spam.  However, the world of deliverability is a very difficult one.  We have an entire team dedicated to the ever-changing rules of what is considered spam and what is not.  A spam inbox can be reviewed at any time and a user will typically find many "real" emails.  It is a consistently moving target and our team is always making changes to make sure we have the highest deliverability possible...Many of our customers report, that they log into their Click2Sell account to send an email when their own domain is ending up in a recipient's spam folder.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to deliver 100% of emails sent to the inbox.  Every environment is different and there are many different levels of security.  But, our percentage is high and our response rates remain strong so we know the message is being received by most.