Campaign Content Guidelines

Click2Sell recommends you follow the following guidelines when creating content:


·       Subject lines should be the same in all 4 emails.  We recommend “Meeting Request” or something simple around a conversation and not around the product you sell or represent.


·       Content should be very short typically consisting of three short sentences or paragraphs.  We recommend you write your content, then cut some out and continue that process until you have the final draft.


·       Do not use words like “we will help you” or “we will reduce costs for your company”.  Avoid writing “at the contact”.  Instead use words like “our clients reduce costs” or “we help our clients”.  This takes the focus off the person reading the email and puts it  on unknown third parties creating a much softer approach.


·       Do not talk about specific products, industries or titles.  All emails should be high level and general so they could fit any audience or start a conversation about any product or service your represent.


·       Do not ask questions in your content or subject line.


Feel free to flag your content for review by one of our content experts if you are unsure about the potential effectiveness of your content.