Manager Account Features

Manager Account Information:

Currently, the following functionality is available through the management interface:

Inbox:  Ability to read all current messages for all reps in the inbox.  If a message is bold that means that the rep has not read it yet.  If a message is Red it is in “No Match” status.  You can also view all messages with a reply action under the inbox.  Just click on Meeting, Follow Up, Cycle, Inactive, Remove.

Use the Inbox as a training tool. Look for things being said correctly and areas for improvement.

Contacts:  Ability to view or search for any contact.  Search will search all reps contact groups.  You can change ownership of contact by using the rep drop-down box.

Manage:  You can click on “Use Account” to log in to a reps account.  Once in a rep’s account you can respond to messages, add contacts, launch campaigns, etc.  You will be logged in exactly as if the rep had logged directly into the account.

You can manage contact credits and purchase additional contact credits by credit card. 

You can lock domains to protect accounts and reset a user passcode if necessary.

Content:  You can view campaign content for each rep.  Note, if you want to edit the content you need to use the rep’s account from the “Manage” section.

Campaigns:  You can view active and pending campaigns for all reps.

Training  Access to all training materials. We recommend you watch all 7 training videos.  The videos may be found under support. Also, use the support link to contact our support department, access our online help center, print your “cheatsheet” and turn pop up hints on or off.

Sales Manager Checklist (recommendations):

  • Does each rep have at least 1000 active contacts in Click2Sell?
  • Does each rep have a plan to add additional contacts (are they adding consistently?)-Try to get each rep to 2500 contacts or more!
  • Are rep inboxes clean? (the only messages in an inbox should be messages that the rep is currently in conversation with)
  • Are reps picking the right reply actions? (majority should be cycle, then meeting and follow up, then inactive, then remove)
  • Are all ‘red’ messages matched?
  • Have all sales opportunities/job orders being tracked?

Watch this video for more details: