Industry Specific Content

Click2Sell does not typically recommend that you use industry or title-specific content when creating campaigns.  Although industry-specific content often makes sense with marketing initiatives, when building a sales relationship using “cold” emailing it is very important that emails are generic and more about starting a relationship than selling a particular product or service.

Keep in mind, marketing initiatives are often “invited”.  People are landing on a web page by choice, they have signed up for a newsletter, they have engaged with your company before, and are expecting communication.  With Click2Sell we are sending cold emails directly to the inbox that they may not be expecting.  Our only goal is to build a relationship so you can continue to stay top of mind.  Generic content is the best way to enjoy very low unsubscribe rates and high response rates.

Click2Sell Emails typically avoid:

  • Industry specific-The contact might not “identify” as the category that is being stated.  A wine bar might not consider itself part of the restaurant industry.  A private charter school might not consider itself part of the education industry. 
  • Product specific-If you have a lot of products and services and you only highlight a few that you believe will resonate, you are missing the opportunity of selling all of your other services and products.  Never “guess” which product.
  • Title specific-You do not want to send messages to all CEO’s or Business Owners.  It is OK to search for these titles when getting new contacts but you do not want to call them out in the content.  You do not know for sure that title is accurate or how the person feels about the title (maybe they were passed up for a promotion or recently divorced someone with that title).

Bottom line, it is proven that Click2Sell works best with generic content that references all products and services to start the relationship.  If anything does not seem applicable or correct to them in the email they will likely delete the email or request to be removed. So, we want to make sure you are getting the best chance of getting a reply so you can stay in communication forever.  Once they answer and you understand their industry and needs, then industry and product-specific content is great.  

Click2Sell can support customized content for a group of contacts.  We are happy to work with our customers on what they are trying to accomplish and can customize content for any group that makes sense.  Additionally, contacts in Click2Sell can be tagged by industry or anything else and specific content can be sent to the tagged contacts to mention product updates, promotions, etc.  Just reach out to and we would be happy to discuss your unique content requests.