Click2Sell measures success by the number of replies that you receive. There are many factors that go into what kind of results a Click2Sell customer can expect. Things like length of sales cycle, company name recognition, warmth of contacts being used, content, etc. all directly affect prospecting statistics. However, most of our customers experience very high reply percentages. Typically 20-45% of the contacts you enter into Click2Sell will eventually respond. We have seen up to an 80% response rate over the life of campaigns. Of the contacts who respond the largest percentage with fall into our Cycle and Follow Up reply actions (opportunity for future sales dialog). A smaller percentage will fall into Remove and Inactive and the final percentage will be active Meetings or sales dialog. Roughly a customer can expect 40-70% of their replies to be Cycle and Follow Up. 10-30% to be Inactive/Remove and 10-30% to be Meetings or active sales dialog.